We need Your help

First aid training includes resuscitation as its organic part, effective teaching of proper techniques of the later requires the availability of a special CPR dummy. We’ve made our goal to equip all the Ukrainian medics-instructors trained in Estonia with them, so far we have sent a total of 30 dummies, all of which are in constant active use. The foregoing also means that of all 80 medics trained at the National Defence College in Tartu, Estonia, 50 still have to get by without a manikin. Their supplying those dummies is far from cheap. We have applied for funding from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia but, as the amount of money available is always smaller than the number of applicants, our request unfortunately was denied.

Therefore, we now turn to you, our loyal friends, let’s join our forces once again and and let’s equip all those instructors trained by us with this indispensable tool of trade! We need your donations, please mark the transfer order with a keyword “Manikin” so that we’d know Your willingness to support that specific project of ours.

Together we can, together we’ll win!