To our dear supporters

Ekraanipilt 2016-08-17 20:52:02

The anniversary of the NGO Free Ukraine on August 11th came and went but our daily work in helping those who defend the independence of Ukraine continues in the same way as over the past two years. The anniversary is a suitable occasion to present to our supporters and donors an overview of the work done and results achieved. Before getting to the number, we want to sincerely thank all of you for your donations which altogether form an impressive sum, considering the small size of Estonia – perhaps the largest amount that has ever been collected for a single cause through voluntary donations in Estonia,.

Over these two years you have collectively donated 272 765 euros and 79 cents through our organization. 179 799.50 of this amount was donated as a result of the unforgettable concert in 2014. In addition, the Estonian state has supported our cause with 73 778 euros and 6 cents. The total sum of funding received thus amounts to 346 543 euros and 85 cents. But this is not all because this calculation does not include the hundreds of bandage rolls, wound dressings, thermal blankets, and dozens of packages of coffee, chocolate, sweets and other material items that you, the good people of Estonia, have placed in our donation boxes during our street campaigns or at the University of Tartu pharmacy. It also does not include the various items that we have collected after receiving phone calls from companies and institutions saying: „Do you need that? Come and pick it up!“

An incomplete list of life-saving first aid equipment that has been sent to Ukraine includes:

9 medic’s equipment bags
21 paramedic’s backpacks – 21 pc.
278 combat medic’s trauma bags
1059 individual first-aid kits
385 strechers
7 equipment pockets
30 CPR manikins for resuscitation training (another 5 will be sent shortly)

Because equipment is useless without skills, we have trained 80 tactical combat casualty care instructors jointly with the Centre for War and Disaster Medicine at the Estonian National Defense College. These instructors, selected from among the Ukrainian military medics, now have the competences to pass on their knowledge to others who are in a position to save lives. Four courses to groups of twenty have been completed. The next, fifth training course is on the horizon…. but more about that soon.

All of the above has been made possible thanks to our selfless supporters and cooperation partners in Estonia and in Ukraine, to our donors whose hard-earned money has helped save the lives of hundreds of Ukrainian patriots. The anniversary of Vaba Ukraina is an anniversary of all of our supporters, many of whom have been with us from the very beginning. Once again, thank you so very much!