Three is the law of the land

12030371_997004357038935_7613149738345082997_oThree is the law of the land, goes an old Estonian saying. Three groups of Ukrainian medics have successfully completed an instructor-level course in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) in Tartu, Estonia, organized jointly by the NGO Free Ukraine and the Estonian National Defense College. Many thanks to all of our supporters!

Altogether, 60 Ukrainians who attended the courses in Tartu have aquired the qualification that allows them to work as a TCCC instructors, teaching life-saving first aid skills to others. Upon returning to Ukraine, they have passed on their knowledge and skills to thousands of soldiers, civilians, medical students, civilian doctors, students and pupils. TCCC instructors trained in Tartu have invented a new tactical combat casualty care protocol, KOLESO, which is based on the Ukrainian language and is thus much easier for Ukrainians to remember than the standard (C)ABCDE protocol based on the Latin alphabet. This new invention is in the process of being offically adopted and applied by the armed forces of Ukraine. The friends and supporters of NGO Free Ukraine can take pride in these accomplishments.

NGO Free Ukraine persists in its mission to support Ukraine until the victorious end of the war and the restoration of the territorial integrity of the country. Training 60 TCCC instructors contributes to this cause. However, much remains to be done. The modernization of TCCC training centers and programs in Ukraine will take time, even with significant assistance from abroad.

Three may be the law of the land, but we do not intend to stop here. Instead, we’ll continue our efforts and hope to be able to bring to Tartu a fourth and a fifth group of Ukrainian medics in 2016. The war is not over and every week brings tragic news of soldiers and civilians who have been killed or wounded. Dear friends and donors, your support allows us to ship medical supplies and organize courses that help save the lives of many people. Thank you for your continued support, dedication and effort!