Thanks from Donbass

To our friends from Vaba Ukraina (NGO Free Ukraine)

Honored Vaba Ukraina and everybody concerned,
The Foundation to support Donbass Batallion and volunteer corps of Donbass Batallion would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your support to our Army in our fight against aggressor and invader.

Already a full year have you worked tirelessly to convey us the necessary things, medicines, combat medic’s backpacks, individual first-aid kits and other equipment, arranged training for our officers and medical personnel, you have shared the warmth of your hearts and informed the general public about our tragedy, are traveling to visit us. Many thanks to you for your support in those difficult times , you have shown up the initiative in the hour Ukrainian nation has been hit by the hardships of war.

A big thank you from all of us and me personally.
You are true patriots .

Yours faithfully,
Yurii Marchenko

NGO Free Ukraine: “Donbass, the honor is ours!”