State Of Things


The middle of March has really caught us unawares. Intensely preparing for our first field medic instructor courses for Ukrainian medics here in Tartu, Estonia, days just fly by as we hit the details related to organising the thing, to make sure everything works faultlessly. Still, despite all that no fresh shipment of essential medical supplies has not been left undelivered. Ukrainian Border Guard, Aidar Batallion, special forces, 30th and 95th Brigade have all got hold of their share of trauma bags, Azov Regiment has received individual first-aid kits (IFAK-s), and 46th (previously Donbass) Batallion has got a fresh supply of stretchers and medic’s backpacks. Our next batch, this time to Chernigov Batallion is also ready and waiting for despatch.


Two months have passed since last run-down. Here’s the data on what we have shipped to Ukraine this far, both total and shipments during those couple of months (in parentheses)

21 paramedic’s backpacks
137 combat medic’s trauma bags (+18)
719 IFAK’s (+40)
9 large medic’s backpacks
7 tool kits
117 stretchers (+40)



The above list does not include those IFAK’s ready for Chernigov Batallion, only supplies already delivered to Ukrainian medics or on their way.

Besides aforementioned stuff trauma bags for every participant of the courses have also been prepared already and waiting for their new owners, so upon returning home they can start practicing their freshly acquired skills immediately.


Speaking of courses, it is understandable that organising such prolonged training, both hands-on and academic, does not come cheap, that’s why we ask for your help in financing it. Any overbalance shall be used as usual to procure medical equipment for Ukraine.

A big Thank You to all of you kind and charitable people and friends of Ukraine! We would like to especially voice our gratitude to our Finnish donators from the Ukrainan tilanne group on FaceBook this time, the money raised by them bought another four trauma backpacks. Kiitos, ystävät!

There’s still a long road ahead. The more the merrier, You’re welcome to walk the walk together, with us!