Saving Dmytro Yarosh – confirmed








On January 21 2015 during battle in village of Pisky Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Right Sector coalition was wounded by an exploding Grad rocket. A shard passed through his upper arm, shattering humerus bone on its way. He was evacuated out of the combat zone to the hospital, where a successful emergency operation on him was performed, his life is not in danger.

Now it has been confirmed that on-site emergency first-aid was administered by a medic from 93. Brigade, using medical equipment provided by NGO Free Ukraine and forwarded by Ukrainian volunteer organisation Samooborona Boyarka. Another life saved!

Due to increasing pressure from Russian forces (leaving aside all apocryphal notions about „separatists” – for how long we are going to fool ourselves?) shipping aid in the form of life-saving medical equipment to the Ukrainian forces becomes even more important. NGO Free Ukraine is committed to ship first-aid supplies until the defeat of the aggressor and restoration of terrotorial integrity of Ukraine. To do that we need Your help. Let’s stand together against the Evil Empire, to the victory!