Report on undertakings in February

Happy Birthday, Estonia! Freedom is one of the greatest values and today in the name of NGO Free Ukraine we would like to thank all those people who during past months have helped us to support Ukrainians drive for freedom and their fight against Russian aggression. Thanks to you many Ukrainian Army and volunteer units have been supplied at least in part with indispensable emergency first-aid equipment. We have recieved donations from Estonia, as well as from Finland, Poland, Ireland and Canada. A big Thank You to you all!

Below there’s a short overview of our undertakings in February. As one picture is worth a thousand words, this report is made up from photos taken in Ukraine on delivery.

1 Melitopol


A backpack of medical supplies delivered to Melitopol.




2 BG_Mariupol 2 BG_Mariupol2For Ukrainian Border Guard deployed in Mariupol.



4 11Bat14 11Bat2Medics of 11-th Batallion passing an exam before getting hold of coveted backpack.



5 Mariupol1 5 Mariupol2Another field medic’s backpack for Mariupol defenders.




6AidarAnd another one for Aidar Batallion.





7 AzovMariupolAnd Yet another one for Azov Batallion defending Mariupol.







8Women1 8Women2Warm socks for Ukrainian warriors, hand knitted by members of Estonian Women Home Defence. May the warmth of hands and hearts of Estonian women keep you from cold!


9 80thbrig3bat19 80thbrig3bat2Field medic’s backpacks for 3. Batallion of 80-th Brigade.




10Azov1 10Azov2Backpack Of Life for this beautiful medic of Azov Batallion.




11ambu2 11ambu1Manual resuscitators to be used during evacuation of wounded soldiers.




12ZolotyeVorotaA medic of Zolotye Vorota Batallion receiving his tools of trade.




13 12terbat2 13 12terbat1Medical supplies delivered to the 12-th Batallion of Territorial Defense.




16stretch2 16stretch1 A batch of stretchers ready to be shipped to Ukraine.



The battle for Ukrainian freedom continues. NGO Free Ukraine carries on. Helping is easy and even tiniest donation save another human life. Take a moral stand, stand with us, let’s save some lives!
One for all and all for Ukraine!