How little Estonia helps Ukrainian Warriors of Light

DonbassOn the Facebook page of Donbass Batallion a short story was published about how little Estonia helps Ukrainian warriors. At the moment there are 15 Ukrainians treated in Estonian hospitals, including six fighters from Donbass Batallion. In addition to our own sources Ukrainians too testify, that they are well looked after. People of Tallinn, Estonia, also visit them frequently, offering warmth of their hearts and belief in better future. Special mention in the post is given to an activist of Vaba Ukraina / Free Ukraine Andrus Rumm and to this network in general, for their passionate work on raising funds and shipping medical supplies to Ukraine’s frontline troops. Many of those supplies are in fact hard or even impossible to aquire in Ukraine.

Affixed to the post is a link to a video by Estonian television, where Ukrainian fighters speak out about the situation out there and about their doings (in Estonian and Russian).