Invitation to take part in the campaign!

AnneIt is understood that every kind of work can be done better using the right tools. This axiom also applies to the first-aid training – talking nor demonstrating alone will not suffice, students must go through all of it as realistically as possible. This is especially true with battlefield medicine, inefficient aid may lead to the victim’s death or disability.

We are accustomed that even the most modest driving school has a manikin, or Little Anne as it is called, for purposes of learning CPR. For us, this is an everyday tool of the trade, but as the students to our first aid instructor courses told us, in Ukraine the total number of those manikins can be counted on one’s fingers alone. Which means that the teaching of first aid to combatants will inevitably be incomplete.

NGO Free Ukraine is committed to improving the situation. In its simplest variant a manikin for outdoor practice costs about 150 € apiece, sold as sets of five, but there’s a need for a lot of them. Good friends of Ukraine, we address you with a plea to help us to make this initiative come to fruition. Let’s equip all the Ukrainian instructors trained by us in life-saving medicine with those essential tools!

Thanks in advance!
NGO Free Ukraine team