Interim run-down

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Starting late summer NGO Free Ukraine has as private initiative shipped help to Ukraine in unprecedented quantities on Estonian scale. Not guns or money, which could be misused, but first aid equipment. Funds for this were and are drawn from donations, the largest sum was raised during charity campaign on October 2014. It should be noted that not a cent was, is nor will be used to cover organisation’s own expenses, everything to the last dime is used exclusively to purchase medical supplies for shipment to Ukraine.

Almost a quarter of million of euros raised… On the one hand, one may say to help a country of some 45 million people it is only a tiny drop in the sea. On the other hand, coming from a nation of only 1,3 million, definitely not so little (and yes, we challenge you, US, and we challenge you, the rest of the Europe!). What is certain is that due to this aid dozens of lives of men and women have been saved.

Here’s interim run-down of aid shipped thus far:

21 paramedic’s backpacks (109-56)
119 combat medic’s trauma bags (111-68)
679 individual first-aid kits (112-003-03)
9 medic’s backpacks (111-57)
7 tool kits (112-004-03)
77 strechers (112-037)
plus aspirators, perfusors, artificial respiration apparatus, defibrillator (for the „cyborgs” defending Donetsk Airport) and much more.

Finally, one more important fact. First aid on battlefield is undeniably essential. If in the middle of the last year Ukrainian forces had only about 5-10% of essential medical equipment necessary, then today thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, including Estonians, at least some units finally can boast a full 100%!

The battle continues. We at the NGO Free Ukraine have chosen to side Ukraine, we have chosen to stand for principles, ideals, justice and humanity, as opposed to lawlessness, iniquity and inhumanity of Russia-supported and equipped terrorists. Our aid is much awaited and necessary to save human lives, soldiers and civilians alike. Come and help with us!