Happy birthday to us!


Today, exactly one year ago NGO Free Ukraine was established, to support the fight of Ukraine for independence and territorial integrity, providing frontline units lifesaving first-aid equipment and from the beginning of this year organizing training of frontline medical instructors, in cooperation with National Defence College. Today, thanks to generous donations we have been able to provide Ukraine 40 qualified Tactical Combat Casualty Care instructors, gearing up for the arrival of the third group of trainees. This week Ukrainian Armed Forces received our 1000th Individual First Aid Kit. Shipped emergency funds are summarized as follows:
Paramedic backpacks (109-56) – 21 pcs
Battle trauma medic bags (111-68) – 200 pcs
IFAKs (112-003-03) – 1054 pcs
Stretchers (112-037) – 211 pcs
Tool kits (112-004-03) – 7 pcs
Medic backpacks (111-57) – 9 pcs
For obvious reasons, we do not have definitive information, how many lives have been saved with the help of equipment transmitted, but rest assured that the count goes in dozens . It is equally certain that those lives could not have been saved without the support from our nice, cordial, kind, helpful donors. Thank you, you’re the best in the world, our strength and steadfast backing!
Together we stand ’till victory is won!
NGO Free Ukraine team