The fourth group of freshly baked Ukrainian instructors of Tactical Combat Casualty Care TCCC) taught in Estonia have have returned to their homeland. To date, 80 combat medics have been taught here which, considering there were only about 4-5 (sic!) instructors with comparable expertise in the whole country, is significant contribution for a tiny country like Estonia to improve Ukrainian life-saving capability. Of those 20 medics, once again all graduated successfully, the best three were awarded with pulse oximeters. In addition, we had the honor to celebrate a Birthday party of one of the participant, which we hope will be one to remember. In return the Estonian National Defence College received valuable insight and know-how to strenghten the country’s defense abilities. Also during the hands-on exercises the 3rd version of soft stretchers developed in Estonia got field tested.
Besides knowledge and good memories each graduate took home as a traditional gift a fully equipped trauma bag.
NGO Free Ukraine would like to thank everybody who’s help and support had made this programme possible.
As slogan for the courses sounds, Sapientia autem Victoria – knowledge brings victory closer. All the best to the graduates in implementing their new knowledge, along with a wish they’d never have to actually use it!

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As an afterword, a letter from one of our graduates

The media biefing on April 1 at Ukraine Crisis Media Center was dedicated to our friends Estonians and Estonia, a country which started to support us in our fight against the aggressor and occupier from the earliest days of the conflic. Simple people, serious undertaking and a dramatic payoff. The first state, and the first people, joined into non-profit organization Vaba Ukraina (take this: Estonians assist and fight for that we could become free and independent!), from a country with population of just 1.3 million, have supported Ukraine – shipping us medical supplies and treating the wounded, and as the most important and largest project educating quite a few Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) instructors – all in all almost half a million euros worth. Thanks to you and your work hundreds of lives have been saved and thousands taught.
Armored Battalion would like to thank you for the the medical training, as well as the provision of trauma bags well-bundled with much needed emergency supplies! Estonians and Vaba Ukraina, praise to you, praise to a nation who chose not to stand aside from the pain and tragedy of strangers!
My personal thanks go out to you !!!
Yuri Marchenko
Chief Medical Officer, Batallion Donbass 2014-2015