Financial overview of activities of the NGO Free Ukraine, August 14 2015


Donations raised since the founding of NGO (11 August 2014) amounts EUR 253 804.85, this includes the total income from the charity concert “Eestist Ukrainale”, which was EUR 175 635.50.
Charity concert ticket revenues had net sales of EUR 4 164.00. EUR 175 635.50 from donations, the total proceeds from the concert were EUR 179 799.50. Total expenses to the concert were EUR 35 089,02, the concert net income totaled EUR 144 710.48.
In 2015 we received EUR 66 431.00 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the first payment to the subsidy agreement.
Medical aid supplies worth EUR 219 104.54 have been shipped to Ukraine on our behalf.
Expenditure on the TCCC instructor courses, including preparations for the upcoming (third) session stands at EUR 60 174.84. This sum also includes the supplies trainees received (fully equipped trauma bag, T-shirt with a courses’ badge, name tags), to be used in training soldiers at home.

These figures do not reflect the supplies donated directly to us to be conveyed to Ukraine, also supplies collected via donation box situated at downtown University of Tartu Pharmacy, nor the expenditures made by various organisations involved in arranging cultural programme for trainees.

Supporters of Ukraine, we thank You!