Evil boy from next door




We all remember the awkward moments when the bully from next door destroyed the sand castles we had spent all day building. Some of us were outraged and went home in tears and with a broken nose; the rest dared to rebel only when the bully left with a malicious smile. But having broken the nose of our friend, he always arrogantly asked, “Who else wants his nose?”

In my country, the enemy came. He kills us and removes the equipment from our factories, he destroys our homes and creates his own rules. We rose up and we fight, good people from other countries help us, who this enemy has also beaten. I returned from the war, having served on the front for 13 months, and now I have had time to study and help the army in other ways. I was lucky that I was not injured (at least physically) and I have enough strength to continue the fight.

When, through the invitation by NGO Vaba Ukraina, I arrived in Estonia for a Tactical Combat Casuality Care (TCCC) course I couldn’t help but to ask myself: „Why are the Estonians helping us?” A tiny country with small population, living peacefully and safely in the EU. Our Estonian friends devoted a lot of time to us, telling us about the story of Estonia, the organization of medicine, the military, the first aid station . . . Why? Perhaps because Estonia remembers how it was during the occupation and how the “bad boys” trampled their boots on its land. How difficult and painful it had to have been to defend their basic and sacred right to live on their land by their own rules, to sing songs in their own language and to study in Estonian at the universities.

During this one and a half years of Russian-Ukrainian war this small but proud nation has provided tremendous help in field medicine of Ukraine.. My first ever trauma bag was of Estonian manufacturing, filled up with supplies by caring hands of Estonian patriots. Those of the wounded this bag saved from death or amputation of limbs will never ask who and how supplied it. No one of them will say thank you to Estonian patriots and Vaba Ukraina for this minor detail they were able to return alive and on their own feet… there was not the time for that. Thank you, Estonia, on my behalf, and on behalf of all those saved! Thank you, Vaba Ukraina, for each salvaged limb and thus the fate of my brothers-in-arms! Thank you on behalf of every wounded I was able to transport to the hospital alive and breathing, and also for that that I didn’t have to tell his mother or sister: „I am sorry, we did everything we could, he died as a hero…”

I graduated the TCCC course organised by Vaba Ukraina with a third group of Ukrainian medics. Now I’m able to help my brothers in the trenches even more efficiently. And what I believe is most important, now I know how to teach others how to stay alive up until arrival to the hospital and how not to become crippled for the rest of their lives.

This vital and holy undertaking, supported by so many free Estonians who understand how human life changes, how the lives of his loved ones change, how the destiny of many people does alter when there is an invalid in the family… those humane Estonians spent their money, their strenght and time on the people from another country, from a country they don’t even have a common state border with, so that war and evil boys can’t come to stomp around their singing country. Thank you!

This training, and all those medicines and medical equipment Vaba Ukraina imparted to us during the past year have saved many homes from the burden of having to tend after an invalid. I do not know how to give thanks worthily enough… if only by saying once more „Thank You” and halting the bad boys for good, forever relieving them from any desire of stomping into others sandboxes, and forcing them to respect the right of other nations to sing their own lullabies in their own language and to live by their own laws. We will not stop, we shall do everything so no-one ever would get the idea like they could rearrange the borders of other countries or beset their right for independence.

Героям Слава! (Glory to Heroes!)

Vladislav Zborowski
medic-instructor, Aidar Regiment