ATLS course succesfully passed

The fifth group of Ukrainian medics have successfully passed an intensive training course organized by NGO Free Ukraine and Estonian Defense College and have now broaded the plane to fly back home, taking with them new knowledge, ideas for change and improvement, and the best wishes of our donors and supporters, patriots of Estonia.






While the four previous courses focused on providing live-saving first-aid on the battle-field and were designed to teach algorithms of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), the course offered in November 2016 dealt with the next stage of medical aid – advanced trauma life support (ATLS). ATLS knowledge and skills are needed not only in situations of armed conflict but also in hospital triage. We believe and hope that the brave Ukrainian men and women – highly competent and capable already before coming to Estonia – will be able to turn a new page in the Ukrainian medical system, take medical care to the next level, and save the lives and health of many people in Ukraine.

The week in Estonia entailed more than just intensive study and complex coursework. The participants visited the Main Building of the University of Tartu, the University Clinic and History Museum, as well as the North Estonian Medical Centre. They toured the Old Town of Tallinn – a UNESCO Heritage site – and visited the Ukrainian Cultural Centre in the Estonian capital. The participants said that they really enjoyed their time in Tartu and Tallinn, and appreciated the hospitality of their hosts. Many promised to come back in order to get to know the country and its people more closely. Thus, the courses for Ukrainian medics in Estonia have helped both the guests and the hosts to expand their horizons and learn about other countries and cultures.

Upon returning home, the newly certified ATLS specialists will have a lot of work to do in order to integrate the principles and practices they learned in Estonia into the Ukrainian medical system. Given their energy and enthusiasm, we have no doubts that they will be able to move mountains. Many thanks to all the big-hearted people of tiny Estonia for their generous donations to a good cause!






Since August 2014, NGO Vaba Ukraina (Free Ukraine) has shipped a total of 308 fully-equipped medic’s back-packs to Ukraine, along with 1059 individual first-aid kits and 40 resuscitation training manikins. In cooperation with the Estonian Defense College and with financial support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vaba Ukraina has trained 80 TCCC instructors and 20 ATLS specialists. Many thanks to our supporters – your help is beyond precious!