A Month Later

A month has passed since the end of the first instructor courses on Tactical Combat Casuality Care for Ukrainian medics, organised by NGO Free Ukraine. The news we are receiving since confirm that training has been put to good use. Fresh graduates are indeed working hard to pass on the knowledge, teaching life-saving first-aid both to various fighting units and civilians. Feedback received by us confirms that people there are very much interested – anyone who has participated in combat knows that the timely and skilled first aid can be ( and often is ) the final argument between life and death.







This all makes it a pleasure. At the same time it must be understood that 20 medical instructors is despite their immense enthusiasm only paltry a number given the size of the country. We know that and so do the Ukrainians, that’s why we continually receive letters in which there is only one plea: teach us! Therefore the courses past will not certainly be the last and we are working hard to have the next one running as soon as possible.








Here we must once again address our supporters. Deliveries of first aid equipment, the more these courses using the best Estonian specialists and using cutting – edge learning tools are far from cheap venture . Friends, your support, your donations are as vital as ever. Please help us to help!

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