How To Help

You can support our mission by making a donation to the following bank account:

Bank name: Swedbank
Bank address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia
Account holder: MTÜ VABA UKRAINA (NGO Free Ukraine)
IBAN: EE042200221060257931

Or via PayPal.


Your donation will be used to purchase and ship medical supplies to Ukrainian armed units that have been founded in accordance with the Ukrainian constitution and that stand for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine (including the Ukrainian Army and the National Guard of Ukraine). Primarily, we compile and ship fully-equipped backpacks for frontline medics as well as individual first-aid kits for soldiers and volunteers (IFAKs). The backpacks we send are full of high-quality supplies that help save lives in the conflict zone. A list of what our backpacks and IFAKs contain is available here. The backpacks and IFAKs are assembled in Estonia and then dispatched to Kyiv where our partners transport them to the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine.

In addition, we organize street campaigns and charity events. To learn more about these, follow the news and media sections of our website, as well as our Facebook page.
If you have ideas on how we could boost our support to the people of Ukraine, be sure to get in touch!

Each donation is greatly appreciated – your support saves lives!